International COVID-19 Research at 51

Together with the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Academic Development, Global Engagement has recently launched the COVID-19 Faculty Seminar/Working Group. Since COVID-19 impacts every area of life—public health, economics, race, gender, politics, migration, education, health care (including mental health), sustainability, law, etc.—this seminar/working group aims to be a faculty resource on COVID-19 for 51 faculty and the rest of the 51 community.

How is the 51 faculty responding to COVID-19?

Visit our COVID-19 archive to explore their work.

The Members of the Working Group are:

  • Thomas Chiles, Vice Provost for Research and Academic Development
  • James F. Keenan, S.J., Vice Provost for Global Engagement
  • Nadia Abuelezam, Connell School of Nursing
  • Rebekah Levine Coley, Counseling, Developmental, Educational Psychology, LSEHD
  • Joyce Edmonds, Connell School of Nursing
  • Bryan C. Fleming, Global Engagement
  • Dean Hashimoto, Law School
  • Summer Hawkins, School of Social Work
  • Philip Landrigan, Director, Global Public Health Program and the Global Pollution Observatory
  • Nan Liu, Operations Management, CSOM
  • Joseph Quinn, Economics
  • Martin Summers, History and African and African Diaspora Studies
  • Andrea Vicini, Walsh Professor of Bioethics, MCAS/STM