International Programs

In an increasingly interconnected world, the Connell School is committed to fostering global citizens who use their knowledge in service to others. This commitment lies at the core of CSON’s approach to education, enhanced by seven international programs, and the opportunity for undergraduates to study abroad.

Opportunity to Study Abroad

Undergraduate nursing students are encouraged to study abroad during their junior year. Indeed, 34% of students do so each year.

International Programs and Opportunities

These seven international programs give students the chance to gain a greater understanding of global issues and the diversity of health care needs. Participation in many of these programs can count toward course credit for undergraduate students and nurse practitioner supervised hours for graduate students.

Several of CSON's international programs travel to primarily Spanish-speaking locations. CSON offers opportunities for students to take online courses to improve their medical Spanish. These programs are also ideal for undergraduate students minoring in Hispanic Studies.

International programs are supported by theWeiss Family Foundation, the Countess Moira CharitableFoundation, and the Flatley Family Foundation.

The different cultural perspectives helped broaden our attitudes, values, and beliefs. The cultural competency we gained from our trip can be applied in nursing care and in our everyday lives. This experience abroad exceeded our expectations and promoted growth in our educational and personal development. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Cindy Lee, Hana Chung, Suvin Song, and Kelly Powers, CSON undergraduate students

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